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Harris Teeter Triple Coupons May 16-22, 2012

harris-teeter-bannerHarris Teeter Triple coupons are back May 16-22, 2012!


Here is a video showing how I shop the Harris Teeter Triple Coupons event:

I can’t believe the latest Harris Teeter triple coupon event is the same week we’re moving! I’ll do my best to pull together some deals & freebies for you this weekend, but if you want to head over in advance,  remember the rules of Harris Teeter Triples:
*You must be a VIC member (sign up for free online or at customer service)
*You’re limited to 20 coupons PER DAY
*There is a limit of 3 coupons per item (hopefully that means there will be more left for all of us to share!)
*Coupons with up to a $.99 face value will be tripled
*Harris Teeter now accepts two coupons on BOGO items!!!

I hope to make it over there before the shelves get completely empties (yes, it happens), but if you get there before me, let me know if you find any great deals…and I’ll do likewise 😉