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Monday's Menu Plan: 10/5

While I didn’t find a lot of great deals at the grocery store this week, there were two remarkable sales that I must mention:
1. Purdue Chicken Breast is on sale at Kroger for $1.88/lb
2. Eat Smart bagged vegetables are on sale at Publix for $1! (This includes all varieties – these are fresh, pre-cut bags of broccoli florets, veggie stir fry, cauliflower and more! While I normally don’t recommend “convenience” items like this, I’ve never seen them this cheap!)

Hence, you’ll notice a lot of chicken and broccoli in my meal plan for the week 🙂 Remember, feel free to make variations that work for your family and send me any suggestions you may have.

MondayOatmeal with raisins and honey Ham & Cheese sandwiches Chicken Stir Fry
TuesdayCereal & fruit Pita Pizzas Fajitas with Refried Beans & Rice
WednesdayFruit Oatmeal Chili & Corn Chips Pasta with Broccoli & Feta
ThursdayCereal & berries Lentil Soup  with hot dogs BBQ Chicken, Blue Cheese cole slaw & baked beans
FridayGreek Yogurt with honey & nuts Chicken sandwiches Cobb Salad & fresh rolls
SaturdayEnglish Muffin with egg & cheese PB&J with grapes Dinner out after church
SundayPancakes & fruit leftovers  Chicken Divan & Egg Noodle Bake with broccoli