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Publix Penny Item: March 9 & 10


This week’s Publix Penny Item for March 9 & 10 is…
Publix Brand Paper Towel

Since we’ve cut back on using paper goods and gone for reusable towels, we don’t really need these as much anymore, but they’re still nice to have around just in case…and have on hand for free!

Remember, you can get one penny item for every $10 you spend (before coupons). One item per transaction. Some stores will let you break up your shopping into multiple transactions to get multiple Penny Items. This is good for March 9 & 10, 2011. Florida stores do not participate, but often have their own in-store specials; inquire at customer service. Publix reserves the right to change the Penny Item if they choose, so don’t wait until the end of the day if this is an item you really want!



  1. Good savings!! But I am still new to all this!!
    I am wondering what exactly is a public penny day? I got some idea from your post but still want to make sure. And do I need coupon for that? If yes, where can I find that?

  2. Every Wednesday (or Thursday, depending on where you live and when your new sales week starts), Publix offers one of their brand items for only one penny when you spend $10. There is a coupon in the newspaper, but I’ve never had to actually present it. You’re supposed to only get one per transaction and per person, but some will let you break up your transactions and get more. Does that help?