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Publix Penny Item November 23 & ?



This week’s Publix Penny Item for November 23 is a little trickier than most. Since Publix is closed tomorrow, we can assume the Penny Item is good for today (if your ad changes today) and Friday (since that is when the ad will change for those who normally change on Thursday), but I can’t confirm that. Let me know if you find something different! That being said, the Publix Penny item for this week is…

Publix Pizza

(This may be great to pick up to feed the family after Thanksgiving when you don’t want to cook!) Also, don’t forget to print your favorite grocery coupons before your trip!

Remember, you can get one penny item for every $10 you spend (before coupons). One item per transaction. Some stores will let you break up your shopping into multiple transactions to get multiple Penny Items. This is good for November 23 & hopefully 25, 2011. Florida stores do not participate, but often have their own in-store specials; inquire at customer service. Publix reserves the right to change the Penny Item if they choose, so don’t wait until the end of the day if this is an item you really want!


Thanks to I Heart Publix for letting me know this week!


  1. My Publix (Nashville West on Charlotte Pike) confirmed the penny item is today and it is Publix Pizza.
    Thanks, Sami, for all you do!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Karen – and thanks for your kind words…you are so welcome!