Friday , 28 August 2015
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5 Simple Steps to a Healthier You this Year!

Regardless of whether or not you broke your New Year’s resolutions at 12:01am, you don’t have to chalk this entire year up to a health failure. To the contrary! I have 5 simple steps that will lead you (and your family!) to a healthier year. What I believe is important to remember is to focus on those principles that have ... Read More »

MapMyFitness Quaker Challenge Update

I’m one of those all or nothing kind of gals. When I find a new _____ (insert what you will here: toy, calendar, eating plan, tv show) that I absolutely LOVE, I go gang-busters. I pour myself into that thing, often at the cost of forsaking all else. While this can be beneficial (especially if it comes to my health), ... Read More »

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow to Live Your Best Life…

I don’t know what it is about 2012, but I’ve personally witnessed many circumstances that have reminded me just how brief life is. Events and relationships I once took for granted have dissipated before my eyes. But even if I hadn’t experienced these life-changing events, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been living a complacent life when it comes to ... Read More »

Free Samples – Shop4Freebies

You know I don’t normally post a lot about free samples unless they are substantial. However, there’s a site I’ve discovered called Shop4freebies that has 100% free items that they refresh everyday (ok, now you know my secret for where I get a lot of what I pass on to you!) I like it because it’s not just little samples of food ... Read More »