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TPAC 2012-2013 Season Announcement

Tonight I got to be present for the TPAC 2012-2013 season announcement! After great Broadway shows, like Mary Poppins, this season, we couldn’t wait to hear what was in store for “Musical City” in 2012-2013. -Anything Goes (October 23-28, 2012) -White Christmas (November 13-18, 2012) -Catch Me if You Can (January 22-27, 2013) -Traces (February 19-24, 2013) -Flashdance (March 19-24, …

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Swine Flu & Blackouts

So…have you missed me? While I’ve tried to keep the posts plentiful while I’ve been in Florida, there have been a few obstacles in my way. To start off, I don’t have internet access where I’m staying, so it makes it harder for me to find and post deals. To compound matters, my daughter started feeling sick a couple days …

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Thursday's Thrifty Thought: 9/24/09

Move it or Lose it! Actually it should be, “If you don’t use it, lose it and don’t move it“, but that didn’t sound as catchy As we’re getting ready to move again this weekend for the second time this year, we’re even more aware of the cost of clutter. While we did a lot of purging before moving to …

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