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TPAC 2012-2013 Season Announcement

Tonight I got to be present for the TPAC 2012-2013 season announcement! After great Broadway shows, like Mary Poppins, this season, we couldn’t wait to hear what was in store for “Musical City” in 2012-2013. -Anything Goes (October 23-28, 2012) -White Christmas (November 13-18, 2012) -Catch Me if You Can (January 22-27, 2013) -Traces (February 19-24, 2013) -Flashdance (March 19-24, …

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Swine Flu & Blackouts

So…have you missed me? While I’ve tried to keep the posts plentiful while I’ve been in Florida, there have been a few obstacles in my way. To start off, I don’t have internet access where I’m staying, so it makes it harder for me to find and post deals. To compound matters, my daughter started feeling sick a couple days …

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Thursday's Thrifty Thought: 9/24/09

Move it or Lose it! Actually it should be, “If you don’t use it, lose it and don’t move it“, but that didn’t sound as catchy 🙂 As we’re getting ready to move again this weekend for the second time this year, we’re even more aware of the cost of clutter. While we did a lot of purging before moving …

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