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What's Cookin: 11/9

After close to Free Oatmeal this week (thanks to the Publix Penny Item), I’m back to lots of oatmeal for breakfast. I also got some Tuna for FREE thanks to Kroger Triples (which I’ll post more about tomorrow), so I’ve added that back in my meal mix. Remember, the most important thing about your meal plan is that you actually …

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What's Cookin': 11/2

This week I haven’t found a lot of “must-have” sales, so I’m keeping it pretty simple and eating things that are in my freezer and my pantry (like the taco kits, pizza dough,  & potatoes) as well as making use of some leftovers (like last week’s meatloaf for sandwiches and chili for the potato bar). I found whole chickens for …

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