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Speaking Topics

Whether speaking to a conference of thousands or a round-table of ten, I am passionate about storytelling and equipping others to achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of living.

Sami Cone speaking Topics

Sami Cone Speaking Topics

I’m honored that you would consider me for your speaking event. I consider each event carefully and look for opportunities to make each event unique and unforgettable.

“You were exactly what we needed!! I have had so many comments from several ladies about how your words touched them, what it meant to them, that they needed to hear that, etc. One in particular that I know really struggles with “doing it all” sent me a text before she even left the parking lot, “Thank you for this morning. Sami could not have been more perfect for me. I needed to hear what she had to say more than you know.” One lady even said we needed you to come back and speak to the whole church!”

Below you will find some of my most popular speaking topics, but feel free to contact me so we can tailor a talk to meet your needs.

Raising Uncommon Kids: 12 Biblical Traits You Need to Raise Selfless Kids
Raising Uncommon Kids: Now more than ever, parents are trying to understand how to raise the next generation. The truth is, before trying to “fix” our kids, we must first look in the mirror. To raise a generation of world-changers, the shift must first take place at home. These presentations can be tailored to fit every setting from a one-hour mom’s group to a weekend women’s retreat.

Raising Uncommon Kids Speaking Topics

* 7 Keys to Raising Uncommon Kids
* From Considerate to Compassionate
* Turn the Parenting Mirror on Yourself
* Practical Ways to Help Kids Help Kids
Your Heart at Home

The Nation's Family-Friendly Saving's Expert: The Family Money Minute
The Nation’s Premier Family-Friendly Savings Expert: As the “Savings-Expert” on the nation’s “Family Friendly Morning Show”, the “Frugal Mom” on the country’s top-rated, longest-running midday show, “Talk of the Town” and the host and creator of the nationally syndicated “Family Money Minute”, I’ve secured my rank as one of the most respected family financial educators. My talks focus on much more than just money; I help build freedom and legacy.

Money & Frugal Living Speaking Topics

  • Sami’s SCORE Method of Saving
  • Live your dream life on less
  • Simple Steps to Save for your Dreams
  • Couponing 101 & Drugstore Deals
  • Savings strategies through different stages of life

sami cone speaker

Social Media & Branding

  • Building your brand, reaching your audience
  • Partnering with brands that matter
  • Using Social Media to further your message

“Sami delivered a great presentation for our group of nonprofit leaders on “The ABCs of your Personal (Social) Brand”. Our audience ranged in age from 20s and 60s, from large organizations to one-person nonprofits. She used a lot of humor and customized her presentation on social media, made recommendations that fit the attendees (for example, that some attendees work with teams in other time zones and countries), and gave concrete examples and steps that people could go out and use that day. She also took to the time to answer questions from the group, as well as individuals after the formal presentation was over. Everyone really loved and benefited from her presentation!”


  • The trap between college & marriage
  • Self-Worth, Self-Discovery & Self-Esteem
  • The danger of looking for love apart from God
  • Moving beyond expectations to self-realization

“Sami did a great job. She was funny, animated, honest, and scripture focused. I couldn’t have been happier with her presentation for the entire event.”


  • Your children are a reflection of you
  • Making the most of the moments you have
  • Stop comparing, complaining and criticizing

We had a wonderful event and enjoyed her presentation. She is delightful and shared her stories with such honesty and humility. Everyone was truly inspired by her words.


  • Recovering from betrayal: from heartache to healing
  • Becoming the mate you wish you had
  • Leaving a different legacy
  • Loving your spouse in a way he understands

It was such a pleasure having Sami with us! Her presentation was wonderful and inspiring to all. Even having grown children, I was enriched by her words and recharged by her message.

My Story

  • From Religion to Relationship: Discovering God
  • Daughter of a Jew, Daughter of the King
  • Pursuing Your Passions
  • Don’t find a job…create one
  • Cracking Creativity – think outside the briefcase
  • Surviving sports on and off the field

To inquire about other Sami Cone Speaking Topics, use our contact page.

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Leigh Sexton December 1, 2016 - 11:05 am

Live It Up is a bimonthly event that we host for our community. We offer the event totally free of charge and provide, worship, dinner, childcare and speaker. We usually have about 350 Women in attendance. This is an outreach event, so we have women from all walks of life.

We are 4.5 hrs from Nashville. We do the event in March, May, July, Sept and Nov. (the second Tuesday)

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