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Speaking Topics

Whether speaking to a conference of hundreds or a round-table of ten, I am passionate about sharing storing and helping others achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of living. Below you will find some of my most popular speaking topics, but feel free to contact me so we can tailor a talk to meet your needs.

Raising Uncommon Kids

* 7 Keys to Raising Uncommon Kids
* From Considerate to Compassionate
* Turn the Parenting Mirror on Yourself
* Practical Ways to Help Kids Help Kids
Your Heart at Home


*Sami’s SCORE Method of Saving
*Live your dream life on less
*Simple Steps to Save for your Dreams
*Couponing 101
*Drugstore Deals
*Savings strategies through different stages of life

Social Media & Branding

*Building your brand, reaching your audience
*Partnering with brands that matter
*Using Social Media to further your message


*The trap between college & marriage
*Self-Worth, Self-Discovery & Self-Esteem
*The danger of looking for love apart from God
*Moving beyond expectations to self-realization


*Your children are a reflection of you
*Making the most of the moments you have
*Stop comparing, complaining and criticizing


*Becoming the mate you wish you had
*Leaving a different legacy
*Loving your spouse in a way he understands

My Story

*From Religion to Relationship: Discovering God
*Daughter of a Jew, Daughter of the King
*Pursuing Your Passions
*Don’t find a job…create one
*Cracking Creativity – think outside the briefcase
*Surviving sports on and off the field

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