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Are You OK if Your Child Doesn’t Do Anything Extraordinary?

kariss cone cello backpack

A friend in church today mentioned she felt raw. After spending much of the morning on the brink of tears, I silently thought to myself, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Between the lack of humility & civility in our country to basic life challenges, I’ve just felt “heavy” for the past 24 hours. Today’s #everydayphotoaday challenge was “everyday …

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I Love North Carolina Tshirts with Heart

love north carolina tshirts heart

Ever since the North Carolina flood happened, my daughter wanted a way to use her artistic gift to benefit those in need. This is how she came up with these love North Carolina tshirts with hearts. I Love North Carolina Tshirts with Heart If you love North Carolina, you’ll love these North Carolina loved shirts. Hand-drawn and hand-lettered by my teenage …

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Kids Prayer Poster

RUK Prayer Poster image

If you’re looking for a tangible way to help your family pray together on a consistent basis, consider making a Kids Prayer Poster. When I first became a Christian in my 20’s, I quickly realized I couldn’t possibly pray for everyone all the time. So while I knew there would always be spontaneous and continuous prayer in my life, I …

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Nashville Nutcracker Auditions: Youth Cast

nashville ballet nutcracker youth cast

Are you wondering about Nashville Nutcracker Auditions for their youth cast? When my daughter was eight, she participated as a youth cast member in the Nashville Nutcracker with the Nashville Ballet and she made it on her very first audition! She was taking classes at the Nashville Ballet at the time, but not the next year she tried out…and children …

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I Forced My Teen to Try Out (but She Still Quit)


“Cones aren’t quitters.” That statement has been one of our family’s core mottos for as long as we can remember. Our kids have had it ingrained in them since they were little, but it’s never really been put to the test…until last week.

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Redecorating a Teenage Girl’s Room on a Budget {Teen Room Decor}


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for AtHome stores. I received compensation and a gift card to help illustrate the story I’m bringing you below that I hope will inspire your own redecoration. When our daughter turned 13, one of her requests was to redecorate her room. It seem’s like we’ve gone through all the girls’ room rites of passage over the …

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The Technology Contract Every Family Needs

Technology Contract Benefits

Our daughter just turned 13 a few weeks ago. It was a big milestone for obvious reasons, but for one more than others in her mind: she got her first cell phone. Granted it was not the new iPhone 7 she’d been pining after for months; instead, we offered her our old iPhone 4s for a ‘trial year’ with quite …

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Moms, Do All the Princess Stuff: ALL. OF. IT. {While you still can}


With all the parenting advice floating around the web this time of year between graduation, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, I have one piece of parenting advice of my own to share with you: Do all the princess stuff – ALL OF IT – while you still can. It’s no surprise that our family loves all things Disney. And you …

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Is My Tween Daughter Alone in Doing This?


Is my tween daughter alone in doing this? Surely she’s not the only one. Are any of you parents of a tween girl who’s hard on herself? I know I’m biased & I know parenting is not for the faint of heart, but I think my daughter is incredible. She is smart, witty, artistic, gifted musically & brings joy to …

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