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Are You Tithing or Tipping?

are you tithing or tipping

Recently I was sitting in a local Nashville institution catching up on some work while my kids were at a birthday party. As I typed, a blank stage stared back at me. Obviously, in addition to an eatery, it was used as a live music venue during the evening hours. Though there were no performers at the time, the stools, microphones and …

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Almighty Ruler


“If they only knew…” “You can’t possibly understand…” “No-one feels my pain…” Have these words ever permeated your thoughts after speaking to someone? Do you know who could ever truly understand your unique position and circumstance? Only Jesus can. Now that I have children, I have an additional repertory of experiences that I could never have appreciated before being a …

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The difference a day makes

“God never tells us to do anything without giving us the ability to do it.” Joyce Meyer Yesterday I took a walk. It was the first walk I had taken a long time. I’m not saying a walk on the treadmill or just walking to and from the mailbox. I mean a walk around the neighborhood for the sole purpose …

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Do you ever feel like you’re pre-programmed? We have a 2007 minivan that has GPS, but we also have a 2001 Camry that was created way before the invention of navigation systems. What has that taught me? That you never realize how dependent you are upon technology until that technology is taken away. Recently our van broke down, and it’s …

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Easter: the journey between the secular and the spiritual (Tommy Nelson Blog)

This month over at the Tommy Nelson blog, I wrote about “Easter: the journey between the secular and the spiritual“: For as long as I can remember, Easter has marked a trepidatious journey between the secular and the spiritual. From comedians to theologians, everyone has questioned the bridge going from Jesus dying on a cross to hiding candy-filled eggs in …

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Making choices


Just like using your windshield wipers ones when it’s raining will not keep the rain off for the rest of your drive, we all need to make choices throughout our day. I was just talking to my kids about how once they make a decision for Christ, they must renew that hope on a day by day, minute by minute …

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We are in the midst of a revolution. To say that 2011 was interesting for our family would be an understatement: we started a new business, struggled with our health, traveled to new places, stretched our finances, and refined our marriage. While I wouldn’t change any of it (well, maybe a few things), it does make me more reflective for …

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The Power of One


I was reading My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers this morning and was instantly reminded of the Power of One: It took just one person to separate us from God through sin, yet it also took just one person to redeem us as well! Though Eve ate the forbidden fruit, forever changing the course of history, likewise Jesus …

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Sit Still


I admit it. I don’t sit still very often. *Pause for gasps of shock* In fact, one of the only times I sit still is in church. It’s so hard for me because I think of everything else I need to be or could be doing once I sit down away from my computer. But don’t get me wrong; I …

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Time for Change


Is it time for change? Sometimes it’s hard to understand why children act they way they do.  You teach them a principle and repeat it consistently, yet they still tend to ignore what you believe to be in their best interest.  This defiant behavior, which is not always intended to be such, can frustrate a person to no end! Maybe …

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