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Family Money Minute
Family Money Minute

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The Family Money Minute is a 60 second nationally-syndicated program designed to help families maximize their money today so they make more memories tomorrow! Savings Expert Sami Cone takes two of the hottest topics affecting our day to day living, family and money, and combines them into practical tidbits that anyone can use to immediately impact their lives.

Listeners will learn everything from basic money saving techniques to smart tips on how to make their dollars stretch further.

The Family Money Minute isn’t about getting a quick freebie (though that will often happen as a result!), but rather retraining people’s minds in how they think about and act with their money. Even those that think they don’t need to save money will get excited by the insights Cone shares from her personal experiences and fellow experts.

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The Family Money Minute is sponsored by Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Pursean organization where packing a shoebox gift is a great way to teach your kids about having a giving heart. Operation Christmas Child supports the concept that by saving money, anyone can make an impact on the lives of needy children, families and communities worldwide. Even though the Family Money Minute will help you save money, that doesn’t mean to skimp on your shoeboxes: in fact, we hope you’ll use those savings to buy great quality items – like a doll or soccer ball – that kids would love for shoebox gifts.

Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift samaritan's purse

To learn more about how you can help Operation Christmas Child as a family by packing a shoebox online anytime throughout the year, visit

Family Money Minute Sample Track

Hearing about Family Money Minute for the first time? Listen to one of the tracks you’ll hear on-air for free:

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Radio Listeners: Request the Family Money Minute to air on your favorite local radio station by contacting their Program Director today!
Radio Stations: Contact Bev Singleton with Media Solutions at 800.828.0923 or via email at

Family Money Minute Podcast

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Family Money Minute Show Posts

Catch up on details from every Family Money Minute show in the daily posts that capture the essence of the message (of course, without the verbal wit of Sami!). Read all Family Money Minute Show posts here.

Family Money Minute Radio Station Guide

The Family Money Minute is currently airing on over 250 radio stations across the country. Check out our Family Money Minute radio station guide to discover what states and stations are carrying the segment.

Family Money Minute’s Host: Sami Cone

Sami Cone is a blogger (, radio host & TV correspondent mentoring others to live their dream life on less and pursue their passions. She draws on her experiences as a writer, editor, university professor, performer, professional athlete, and pageant winner to help families realize their full potential.

Sami Cone DJ Nashville Radio

Connect with the Family Money Minute

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Have a question you want answered on a future Family Money Minute? Want to share your money saving tips? Tweet us at @FamMonMin or use hashtag #FamilyMoneyMinute

Support Operation Christmas Child

I cannot encourage you enough to set savings goals as a family and then use part of those savings to help make an impact on kids around the world through Operation Christmas Child. Our family has participated with Operation Christmas Child for YEARS because it’s a simple, yet meaningful, way kids can impact other kids.

You can read more about our family’s relationship over the years with Operation Christmas Child, including a special video I made (#FollowtheBox) documenting the journey of one shoebox, from packing all the way to delivery during my Operation Christmas Child trip to Ecuador in December 2013.

One of the most important things I learned by hand delivering shoeboxes to children was to pack my best – something I’d want my kids to be happy to receive – instead of my “leftovers” laying around the house. When you consider that this is the one and ONLY gift many of these children will receive all year, would you commit with me to pack high-quality items for them? Thank you!

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Bob Hearion September 28, 2015 - 2:37 pm

Please contact me regarding the money minute radio program.

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