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Pray Out Loud

how to pray out loud

I’ve never been one to pray out loud very much. To be completely honest, I’ve never even considered prayer much of a spiritual gift. Still, I’m not one of those to shy away from it; I’m happy to pray out loud in public when asked (obviously it’s not a fear of crowds or public speaking that hinders me 😉 If …

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The nation’s thrill; a mother’s terror #PrayforBoston


When news came of the Boston Marathon bomber suspect finally being apprehended last night, there was a thrill that came over the nation. I can only imagine that Bostonians in particular experienced a sense of relief that this terrorist had been caught and a sense of peace in knowing the lockdown has finally ended. But for one mother, her terror …

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I Give Up Lord


The other day, I was praying and confessing to God and said, “Lord, I want you to remove ____ from my life”…to which He quickly replied, “I want YOU to GIVE IT UP!” Our God is not intrusive. He is a gentleman. He is not invasive, yet meets us where we are. He calls us not to be passive Christians, …

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Felt Prayers

Have you ever been able to feel when someone is praying for you? You ever wished you could sense some prayers more than you do? Or perhaps the better question is, do you feel like your prayers make an actual difference in the life of the person you’re praying for? All these questions went through my mind just a couple …

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Pour Out Your Problems

In times of trouble, it’s natural to pray…but do you pour out your problems to the Lord? We have certainly been doing our fair share of praying over the past week since my father in law has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet in my effort to feel like I’m the one who has to keep things together for our …

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Prayer for you or me?


I admit, I’m not the best prayer warrior. There. I said it. Are you surprised? But just because I don’t consider prayer one of my spiritual gifts does not give me the license not to pray. In fact, I would venture to say that prayer helps me as much as the person I’m praying for. Through prayer, not only am …

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3 Practical Ways to Pray with your Kids

I always get asked advice on how to pray with kids. Giving our kids tangible ways to talk to a seemingly intangible God makes prayer personal for them. Here are just three practical ways to get them started until they feel comfortable enough to venture out on their own prayer path: Pray/Sing God’s Word back to Him One of the …

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Practical Ways to Pray: Tommy Nelson Blog

My latest “Tommy Mommy” post, “Practical Ways to Pray” is live on the Tommy Nelson blog today! Here’s an excerpt: Coming to know Christ in my 20’s, I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do.Luckily, I had (and still have) a very godly woman who was willing to mentor me, answer my questions and come alongside …

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Expect Results

Many of us pray, but do not wait for a response.  Sometimes the response we receive from God is not the same as what we praying for, and therefore we believe the prayer to be ineffective. Too many times I believe we pray without actually expecting God to deliver results.  It is as if we are throwing words into a …

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