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Sick of Talking

I thought I was going to make it through this winter without getting sick. Think again. It seems I’ve succumbed to the same flu-like, gross cough illness that my son discovered last month. As a result, my voice has become a raspier version of its normal self, leaving me almost speechless…literally. As I was driving my daughter to school this …

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Why did Drew leave Tenth Avenue North?

I find it interesting that the most popular search on this blog (my personal, family blog) is, “Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?” Perhaps because we bragged about our friend when he came to Nashville this past spring to claim his BMI Songwriter’s award for his work on the hit, “Love is Here”. After all, I’ve known Drew …

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Grandpa Jerry honked

My dad comes from an era unlike any we know today. He grew up during the Great Depression, fought in WWII and worked extremely hard for everything he has. He even uses a handkerchief still! So imagine our amusement when he blew his nose this morning, louder than Britton had ever hear, and he exclaimed, “Grandpa Jerry, you honked!” Of …

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No humidity + no hurricanes = heaven on earth for Sami

It’s June, right? I was actually cold yesterday! And today it’s in the 60’s, sunny, and no humidity! I cannot tell you thrilled I am that not only am I missing out on the start of hurricane season in Florida, but that I’m able to voluntarily sit outside in the middle of June without sweating! Ah, Nashville, you never stop …

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