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The Last First Day of Kindergarten: Tommy Nelson Blog Sept


I’m back on the Tommy Nelson blog in September with my newest post, “The Last First Day of Kindergarten“! Every month, us “Tommy Mommies” will share around a different topic that’s important to us at that time; this month we’re each discussing …Back to School! Whether you’ve just sent your last child off to college, put a child in pre-school …

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Free Sight Word Cards

I know this won’t be exciting for everyone out there in eCONEmic Living land, but for those of us with Kindergartners, this is EXACTLY what we’re working on right now! Click HERE to get 5 pages of sight words on cards that you can print and cut out. They’re not fancy, but it will sure save me a lot of …

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My brain is tired

After an impromptu decision to make Italian Sausage over lentils and rice for dinner tonight (since I got all the components for free AND scored a Publix Penny Item as a result), I was so proud that my entire family ate ALL the components, even my pickiest of preschoolers! After she asked to be excused, we heard Kariss’ tummy rumble. …

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What are you doing for the next 20 years?

Our first child started Kindergarten today. I have to admit that I was much more excited than emotional. However, on our way to school, I looked at my husband and said, “Our life will not be the same for the next 20 years!” Not that we were jet-setting to Paris on the weekends as it was, but now our lives …

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