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Free Maleficent Activities & DVD Review

free maleficent activities

It should come as no surprise to you how I feel about the Disney movie, Maleficent, and watching it on DVD only confirmed just how much I loved this film. When Disney provided our family with a Maleficent DVD review copy, I jumped at the chance to once again spread the word of how beautiful, intricate, and clever this film …

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Disney Maleficent Movie: Fantastic, Interesting

Disney maleficent review movie poster

When I first saw the Disney Maleficent movie preview, I thought to myself, “I’m not seeing that one!” It looked dark and something my kids would be uninterested in. Then I saw an extended preview at the Disney Social Media Moms event… Adjectives like “dark and uninteresting” gave way to “interesting and clever”. I was intrigued. So when I was …

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