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Kids’ Mentors: Who will they turn to?

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At my mentor’s 60th birthday party a couple years ago, her husband asked the small group of her close friends gathered around her in their living room to go around the circle and say something memorable about her. Most were her peers, so my husband and I gleaned a lot of wisdom from those precious moments they shared, but one …

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As I was driving out of our apartment complex the other day, I noticed some interesting parking configurations. In one section, someone had parked at an angle, going over their line boundary. SO the person next to them overcompensated and went even futher outside their lines.This trend continued for two of the subsequent cars, soon leading to someone else’s parking …

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Time Tested Relationship Tips

I have exciting news: I’ve been asked join Blissfully Domestic as a contributing writer in the Relationship section! My first article, Time Tested Relationship Tips, debuted today and I would love to hear what you think. Don’t worry, most of my material is not from my own wisdom, but rather a collection of my own insights after interviewing and collecting …

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