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Publix Wrap Up: Free Tylenol & Nestle Toll House money maker!

Ok, so I just returned from my Sunday night, kids are in bed, time to go to Publix by myself with no-one trying to check out behind me while I have tons of coupons, get my penny item shopping trip. To be honest, I didn’t get a lot of variety, but I did snag some great deals! I spent $10.68 …

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Rite Aid Money Maker

I’ve never shopped at Rite Aid before, but when I saw this deal, I couldn’t resist. I have one prescription that I take each month, and for the past few months I’ve been transferring it like crazy to get FREE $25 gift cards from different pharmacies. This month, I landed at Rite Aid. After filling the prescription (bring the $25 …

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