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My Pregnancy Journey: Never say Never

At the age of 19, I became gravely ill, to the point where doctors didn’t know if I would survive, much less be able to finish my senior year of college. While I did go on to graduate and even complete my Masters Degree, it was with much difficulty and help from those around me. I suffered for two years …

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I’m now an over 30 pregnancy risk factor

Don’t ask me why, but today in the car it struck me that as a woman over 30, I’m now officially a pregnancy risk factor. No, friends, I’m not pregnant. In fact, we still feel very blessed that we have two happy, healthy little ones in our house when I was never supposed to be able to get pregnant in …

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Free Pregnancy & Ovulation Kits

On a side note, I just LOVE how the men are stepping up and contributing to my posts on this site! If you guys keep this up, I’m going to have to develop a special section just for you 😉 Ok, now on to the Freebie: Click HERE to get 10 FREE Pregnancy & Ovulation Kits from Sacred Heart Mission. (You …

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Free Baby Website

Register with Babies Online HERE & receive the following for FREE: Free Pregnancy & Baby Web Sites Personalized Calendars For Your Baby Interactive Tools & Resources Free Baby Product Samples More Special Offers for new parents

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