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Your Most Memorable Family Vacation Ever {3 Tips}

most memorable vacation ever

I can hardly believe this is the last week of school already! You know me, I never think about things until they smack me in the face (as you may have already seen in Today’s Daily Dash Video…), so summer vacation is no different. In fact, even if you haven’t already planned anything for your summer – have no fear …

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Summer Memory Making on Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Wishing Well Blog

making summer memories with kids

I’m talking about summer memory making over on the ¬†Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt’s Well Blog today! I really hope you’ll join me over there because I’ve listed out 5 easy summer memories to make with your kids and you’ll realize most of them are free (or involve very little cost!). My husband will be the first to …

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How to Help Kids Handle Hurt

One of the toughest jobs I face as a parent is how to help my kids handle hurt. I don’t care whether or not the hurt is physical or emotional (and I know there will be a TON of both of the course of my children’s lives), it breaks my heart as a mom! Sometimes in an effort to be …

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3 Character Building Tools Every Parent Needs – Vanderbilt Wishing Well blog


Every few months, I have the pleasure of contributing to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Wishing Well Blog. This month I’m sharing a lesson very close to my heart: 3 character building tools every parent needs. These parenting tips are ones learned from my experience as a child and tools I now have the responsibility to impart to my own children. …

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Explaining Death & Dying to our Kids: Vanderbilt Wishing Well blog

Explaining death and dying to our kids is not something we imagine doing when we give birth, yet it is an inevitable part of life. Many of you have followed along the journey we went through with Ricky’s dad this summer, starting with him being diagnosed with a brain tumor on June 7 and finally departing from this earth on …

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