Friday , 4 September 2015
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Different Kids, Different Discipline

I recently decided to make “Chore Boards” for my kids after hearing about a similar suggestion during last month’s Moms Together meeting (If you want to know the difference between a chore board and a chore chart, I can tell you in a later post). The kids don’t get paid for doing their chores, it’s just a part of what ... Read More »

A movie I can identify with

I just saw a preview for a movie with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker where two “city folk” find themselves deep in the country. They showed a plate featuring a traditional Southern breakfast (as I’ve come to know thanks to my husband – eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, the works) and Hugh Grant says, “…at least you didn’t eat the ... Read More »

E.L.F. cosmetics + Free gift card

Spend $15 on anything on e.l.f’.’s site and receive a FREE $25 Restaurant gift card with your order. Just click on the above picture and use coupon code YUMMY through December 15, 2009 to take advantage of this promotion. Read More »

I haven't forgotten about you…

Have you missed me today? I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you. If anything, today’s lack of posts will just remind you that I’m a real person, with a real life and real issues. No excuses, just an explanation. Monday I took our family van into the shop for what I thought would be a routine system check. After 3 ... Read More »

Sonic Corn Dogs for $.50

I had previously reported that Sonic Limeade’s are Free from 2-5pm tomorrow (10/31), but I also just got an email that their famous corn dogs are $.50 tomorrow (10/31) from 5-10pm. Read More »

Tuesday's Freebies: 10/6

I know, I know….you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, but it’s not! You asked and I’m answering – more Freebies! Since I personally don’t like seeing blogs with a lot of posts, I try to consolidate mine into one, so here are the latest Freebies I’ve found. Why wait for Friday?!?! *Ted’s Montana Grill – don’t forget to ... Read More »

FREE Uncrustables

Be one of the first 20,000 to submit an afterschool tip HERE and get a coupon for a FREE box of Smuckers Uncrustables sent to you! Hurry, this will go fast! Read More »

Thanks for being a Fan!

I just went to look at my eCONEmic Living page on Facebook and discovered I have 400 fans! Thanks for joining this journey with me. I think to celebrate I’ll do a special giveaway to get us to 500, but I’ll have to think about that AFTER finishing our move this weekend! If you’re not a FAN yet, click HERE or ... Read More »

Estate Sale

While I’m all about having my own garage sales to both rid clutter and make some extra cash, I’m not as big of a fan of going around to garage sales. However, on my way home from dropping Kariss off at school on Friday I spotted a “Moving/Estate Sale” sign. Surely, this would be a jackpot waiting for my arrival! ... Read More »

cold cereal

I just discovered a box of cereal in my fridge… …can anyone else relate? The week is too early for my mind to be losing it already! Read More »