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Different Kids, Different Discipline

I recently decided to make “Chore Boards” for my kids after hearing about a similar suggestion during last month’s Moms Together meeting (If you want to know the difference between a chore board and a chore chart, I can tell you in a later post).

The kids don’t get paid for doing their chores, it’s just a part of what they need to do as a contributing member of our family. However, I decided they will have to pay ME if they don’t complete their chores.

Yesterday when the kids wanted to do something, I reminded them that if I went up to their room and their chores weren’t done, they would have to pay me.

Upon hearing that news, Kariss (my first born, meticulous child) RACED up to her room to make sure everything was done so she wouldn’t have to part with any money. Britton, on the other hand (my second born, free-spirited, generous child), simply went to his pile of coins he had already been playing with on the floor and said, “Here you mommy, I’ll just give you the money now…do you need any more money?”

Guess I’ll need to come up with a different motivator for that one 😉