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The nation’s thrill; a mother’s terror #PrayforBoston


When news came of the Boston Marathon bomber suspect finally being apprehended last night, there was a thrill that came over the nation. I can only imagine that Bostonians in particular experienced a sense of relief that this terrorist had been caught and a sense of peace in knowing the lockdown has finally ended. But for one mother, her terror …

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There’s a level of familiarity we have with close friends and family that’s comforting, but can also backfire on us. I’ve come to observe that my 7 year old, while almost always polite, is often much more thoughtful when speaking to her teachers and strangers than when talking to me, her own mother. While I appreciate that she’s so comfortable …

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Let it Go


Let it go. I could really end this post right there; some of you needed to hear only that this morning. In fact, that was what I needed to hear from God late last night as I was lying awake in bed racking my brain over a fairly insignificant issue. I was seething about some issues in our apartment complex …

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