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Let it Go

Let it go.

I could really end this post right there; some of you needed to hear only that this morning.

In fact, that was what I needed to hear from God late last night as I was lying awake in bed racking my brain over a fairly insignificant issue. I was seething about some issues in our apartment complex and I was actually letting it keep me awake!

Who could I call? What would I say? How are they going to resolve the issue and keep it from happening again?

Let it go.

It was as clear as day in my head. It was like God was saying, “Excuse me, can I interrupt this nonsense so I can help you get to sleep?”

Let it go.

You’re punishing no-one but yourself. The person who has ‘wronged’ you obviously isn’t worried about it, so why should you let it ruin your day?

I let it go.

As soon as I did, a stream of consciousness washed over me and this is what I wrote in the dark on the pad next to my bed:

Let it go

Help me to forgive and forget
help me to let go and be led….
away, by you
from strife to life
from grief to joy.

For no-one is as hurt by unforgiveness as me
and no-one bears the pain of harbored bitterness but me

You have paid the price for all my sin and shame,
so who am I to put it all back up again?

To bear the burden I no longer have to bear alone,
with you,
forgiven and free.


  1. Wow! Big Big Big words. Thanks for sharing.

  2. He tells us to “Be still and know that I am the Lord.” It is the hardest thing to do for a Chistian.