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Welcome to Generation Wisdom!

Welcome to the Generation Wisdom podcast: 5 different women from 5 different decades all discussing ONE topic.

Imagine gathering some of your favorite friends, authors, mentors and speakers around a table to discuss a topic important to you. That’s exactly what we get to do here on Generation Wisdom. But the amount of time someone has to talk depends on how old they are: women in their 20’s get 20 minutes, 30-year-olds get 30 minutes and so on, up to our wisest women getting 60 minutes.

We’ll discuss important traits, like being fearless, wise and compassionate. So get ready to listen and share because this is Generation Wisdom!

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Generation Wisdom YouTube Playlists:

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Season 1 Episodes: FEARLESS

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This exciting venture wouldn’t be possible without your support, whether it’s $1 a month or $100, every little bit helps to keep more content coming. Thank you in advance for believing in not only capturing, but sharing the stories of these amazing women!

Count Me In, Sami!

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