New MILES Auto Spa Membership Coupon Code {The Daily Dash: February 8, 2021}

by Sami

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There is a new MILES Auto Spa in Nashville and I have an exclusive MILES membership coupon code just for my audience…

New MILES Auto Spa Membership Coupon Code {The Daily Dash: February 8, 2021}


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We will find what we are looking for if we will concentrate on God ~ Oswald Chambers


I’m excited to tell you that a locally owned small business, MILES auto spa, just made their highly anticipated expansion into Nashville. With three popular Franklin locations (including one my car dealership uses), those of us who live in Nashville could not be more happy about this move.

For the first time in over a decade, I’m not driving a minivan. After getting a new car in December, I’ve been OBSESSED with keeping it clean. I know it’s hard to keep new cars looking and smelling like new, but I’m determined to keep that new car smell as along as humanly possible.

At the same time, I think the birds in the trees over our driveway overheard my thoughts and seem equally set on bombing my car as much as possible. With that, I’ve had to get my car washed every week! (This from someone who RARELY used to wash her car or made her kids do it).

After seeing the great job MILES auto spa did on my car after a service appointment, I’ve come to appreciate both the service and value they provide. And this new Nashville location is no different. It combines the services of both the MILES Auto Spa and MILES Express concepts in Franklin to provide a range of luxury, yet affordable offerings.
I’ll never pay for individual washes again after discovering the value of the MILES membership.


You can get MILES Auto Spa services like premium washes, detailing and restorations. Plus, you can enjoy an upscale lobby including leather chairs, flat panel TVs, complimentary beverages (like hot coffee and cold beer) and more as you wait.

Or, you can choose MILES Express services for exterior auto cleaning in as little as 5 minutes or less. This includes access to complimentary vacuums, towels and supplies for the option to self-clean the interior.
MILES is an affordable option for families on the go (express car washes start at just $11). Or, treat yourself to a luxury detailing service that starts at only $99.

MILES Auto Spa Membership Coupon Code

To celebrate the grand opening, you can purchase any unlimited MILES wash plan for only $4.99 for the first month that can be redeemed across any of its four locations. Offer ends Feb. 14. Just visit

You can also become a MILES Club Member to receive exclusive benefits, such as a free car wash after every 10 visits, bonus points for detailing and more.

New MILES Nashville Location

The new MILES Nashville location is located at 855 Hillwood Blvd. This is near the Nashville West Shopping Center.


As we talk about the cleanliness of our cars, I pray purity of mind, body and spirit over each of you today.

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