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Keep the Change

Very few of us carry cash anymore, but for those of you that do you, what do you do with the change? I know, change eludes us. We never have it when we need it, yet always find it in the most random places… The car floorboard. Under the couch cushions. And of course, clacking around in the dryer. I …

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A Life-Changing, Near-Death Experience


This morning my family experienced a life-changing, near-death experience: I learned three things as a result from this experience: 1. Decide what’s important 2. Prioritize around it 3. Put God & Family first! …but most importantly, I was reminded of this very important life and business lesson: Only say yes to what truly inspires you Praying for you and your …

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Time for Change


Is it time for change? Sometimes it’s hard to understand why children act they way they do.  You teach them a principle and repeat it consistently, yet they still tend to ignore what you believe to be in their best interest.  This defiant behavior, which is not always intended to be such, can frustrate a person to no end! Maybe …

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