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Rick Cone Sr. Visitation & Funeral Service: August 2012


Even though the kids and I just arrived in Florida (and we’re still so grateful for all your prayers yesterday!), everyone’s been asking for details on the visitation and funeral service for Ricky’s dad, Rick Cone Sr. that will be taking place this week. I want to be as clear and factual as possible for those of you purely seeking …

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Felt Prayers

Have you ever been able to feel when someone is praying for you? You ever wished you could sense some prayers more than you do? Or perhaps the better question is, do you feel like your prayers make an actual difference in the life of the person you’re praying for? All these questions went through my mind just a couple …

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The Birthdays of July 26

July 26 is very special to our family because there are actually 3 of our family members with the same birthday! Our July 26 birthdays are: *My daughter, Kariss (who turns 8 today) *My father in law, Rick Sr. (who you may know from this blog as “Dad Cone” if you’ve been following his health journey after being diagnosed with …

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Pour Out Your Problems

In times of trouble, it’s natural to pray…but do you pour out your problems¬†to the Lord? We have certainly been doing our fair share of praying over the past week since my father in law has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet in my effort to feel like I’m the one who has to keep things together for our …

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