Felt Prayers

by Sami

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The kids & I at our first rest stop of the day!

Have you ever been able to feel when someone is praying for you? You ever wished you could sense some prayers more than you do?

Or perhaps the better question is, do you feel like your prayers make an actual difference in the life of the person you’re praying for?

All these questions went through my mind just a couple days ago as my husband was spending the final days with his dad in Florida and I was home with the kids. I was feeling very helpless being away from him and all he asked for was my prayers


Driving past the iconic Varsity restaurant in Atlanta

I’ve never considered praying as one of my spiritual gifts; I often wonder whether my prayers actually make a difference in the life of the person I’m praying for. Of course I believe in the power of prayer, but as a realist, it’s very hard to convince myself that there is a tangible effect.

But when it came time for me to drive 13 hours by myself with my two kids after getting barely any sleep the night before after learning about my father-in-law passing, it was the single, solitary thing that I needed: prayers.

I have to admit I was barely able to stay awake for the first two hours. I was literally slapping my face in order to be aware of the road in front of me.

But then one call came in, and then another, and then another. And then text messages and tweets and Facebook updates. Literally dozens of people praying, encouraging me, and lifting me up in a way I have never experienced to this day.


We met Jeremy at the GA/FL border as he headed north & we headed South!

The trip turned around for me from that point forward. I can honestly say I felt better at the end of the 13 hours than I did on any other trip I’ve ever done in the car.

And let’s not mention that I was one of the only few cars driving southbound in Florida into Hurricane Isaac and I hardly experienced any rain at all on my drive!

No fatigue, no rain, no traffic. What do I attribute it to? Prayer.


Kariss was my social media maven, helping me with photos & text updates!

I can only hope you will experience the same feeling of prayer that I felt today. To those of you who literally lifted me up beyond the strength that I could’ve forged on my own, I can only say thank you. I cannot express how much I felt your prayers and appreciate you taking time out of your lives to pray for me and my family.

If I can ever reciprocate and be a part of creating the same experience for you, please do not hesitate to ask!

The kids and I did arrive safely in Florida almost 13 hours to the dot from when we left Nashville (plus add an hour for the time change 😉

I just found out that dad’s visitation will be Wednesday night and the service will be Thursday am; of course I will pass along all the details to you as soon as I find them out.

God bless you all!


God's promise at the end of our trip - a rainbow!

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