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Top 2 Tips to Ensuring Your Kids Maintain a Balanced Diet

Making sure our kids’ follow a balanced diet can be challenging, especially when they’re little. But the best way we’ve found for doing so is following the 80/20 principle. Sure, you may have heard this principle in business, management & organization before, but have you ever considered it when it comes to eating? It simply means this: we’re going to …

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Free Diabetes Cookbook

In light of my recent health issues, I’ve decided (with my doctor’s advice) to change my eating habits. One of these changes is to eliminate sugar from my diet for a period of time (you’d be surprised how many things sugar is in!!) Even though I’m not diabetic, I thought I’d look into a diabetes cookbook to get some ideas …

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Summer Vacation = Healthy Eating

It’s summertime! Which means different schedules, fun in the sun and family vacations! As our own family prepares for a road trip next week, I’ve been wondering how we can make sure to keep up healthy eating habits even though our daily routine will go out the window. Even when you’re being thrifty, you can still eat healthy. Make it …

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