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Free Diabetes Cookbook

In light of my recent health issues, I’ve decided (with my doctor’s advice) to change my eating habits. One of these changes is to eliminate sugar from my diet for a period of time (you’d be surprised how many things sugar is in!!)

Even though I’m not diabetic, I thought I’d look into a diabetes cookbook to get some ideas and found this free Diabetic Cookbook! I know a lot of people with diabetes as well, so wanted to pass the deal along…

Keep in mind when you’re trying to eat healthy, just because something says “Sugar Free” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you; you’ll still want to steer clear from processed foods and imitation items that aren’t all natural. Happy cooking!


  1. Thanks for this! I am trying to find good cookbooks as well to help my kiddos with their ADHD. Diet can contribute to the severity, so hoping these changes will help.

    On a side note, it would be neat to hear how you adjust your shopping/frugality to having to work with a specific diet. I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to do coupons and such when trying to eliminate a ton of processed / pre-packaged food.


  2. I’ve shared some of my journey on eating healthy on a budget…we definitely try to shop local when it comes to produce as much as possible and buy a lot of nuts, grains, beans in bulk. I also have a video series on how to save everyday at Whole Foods (http://samicone.com/?s=everyday+ways+save+whole+foods), but I will definitely keep trying to give practical tips.

    I think you’re smart to try this – I’ve heard of A LOT of kids who have experienced improved ADHD symptoms simply by eliminating some of those high allergen foods from their diet. Let’s talk more about this when you’re here 😉