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Shop at Unexpected Places {Family Money Minute Radio}

Shop at Unexpected Places

August 20, 2015: Shop at Unexpected Places Generally speaking, you’ll find the best prices on items in their home stores, like food in a grocery store, or personal care in a drugstore. But there are a few exceptions to that rule…

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Online Garage Sale Listings

Anytime you’re having a garage sale, publicizing it is CRUCIAL! That’s why I wanted to share these free online garage sale listings with you. We’re getting ready to have another garage sale (I’d say we have at least one a year, if not two) and before we start organizing a thing in our garage for the sale or even place …

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Library Fees {Family Money Minute Radio}

Library Fees

August 25, 2014: Library Fees The library is a great resource for anyone looking to save money, but there’s always one thing you have to watch out for, especially when kids have their own library cards…

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