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by brenna

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Successful Garage Sales

November 10, 2015: Successful Garage Sales

I have more tips on how to run a successful garage sale for you today!

I’ve shared a few of my favorite Garage Sale success tips this summer, but I thought you could make use of a few more this fall:

First, Clean & Display your items properly
-I’m not saying to sterilize and iron everything, but at least have things displayed to where they are easy to be seen and don’t look like they’ve been in the attic for 10 years (even if they have). Give everything a good wipe down or fold before simply tossing them on a folding table.

Second, have good signage (and put it out the night before)
-Remember, good doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be bright, clear and big! Think neon poster board with thick, black block letters nailed to some wooden legs that will withstand the elements.

Third, have plenty of change on hand
– You don’t want to lose a sale because you can’t break a $20. For this last sale, I got $30 in singles and $10 in quarters from the bank and that was more than enough.

Finally, enlist the help of a friend
-It’s helpful to have another adult to help take money, answer questions, carry large items to cars, and help entertain your kids (or better yet, ask them to babysit your kids for the morning!)

Fall is my favorite time for garage sales, and especially helpful in getting a little extra cash in your pocket before the holidays!


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