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Emotional Security

Most women look to men to provide security. That statement should come as no surprise. In fact, it’s been proven in many a poll. What most men don’t understand about this fact is that women define security in a very different way than men do. To most women, the security they’re seeking is emotional. Women long to be assured that …

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What’s your routine?

I recently wrote an article for my women’s column in The Good News of South Florida newspaper called, “What’s Your Routine?” It troubles me that so many of us skate through life just trying to survive instead of thrive! I’ve always found it easier to have a routine and deviate from it once in awhile than to try to live …

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True Beauty

I’ve just updated my Devotion/Writing blog with my latest article, “True Beauty” that has appeared in The Good News of South Florida and most recently in the first issue of Miracle Magazine. Believe me, I’ve lived on every end of the spectrum of beauty (both in practice and in belief), so wherever you find yourself today, I hope this is …

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