Emotional Security

by Sami

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Most women look to men to provide security.

That statement should come as no surprise. In fact, it’s been proven in many a poll.

What most men don’t understand about this fact is that women define security in a very different way than men do. To most women, the security they’re seeking is emotional.

Women long to be assured that they are loved, safe and cared for. Having your husband simply hand over a paycheck at the end of the week just isn’t going to cut it these days when it comes to providing a sense of security in a relationship!

That’s why I elaborated on this topic in this month’s issue of The Good News. You can read the entire article, A Sense of Security, via their online newspaper even if you don’t live in FL. Of course, if you do live in Florida, be sure to pick up a hard copy around town and I’ll sign a copy for you next time I’m in town 😉


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