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An Unorthodox Easter Story : Tommy Nelson March Blog


Today you can find me over at the Tommy Nelson blog with a bit of an Un-Orthodox Easter story. Growing up, I really didn’t give religion much of a chance…let alone a relationship with Christ. As an only child who grew up with parents of different religions (a Jewish father and an Anglican mother from England – neither of whom …

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Christian Passover Kids Seder

Yesterday, I was privileged to share a Christian Passover Kids Seder at my kids’ fabulous school, Grace Christian Academy. If you’ve read my story, you already know I grew up with a Jewish father. While we didn’t go to temple when I was young, we did celebrate all of the Jewish holidays, including Passover. To be completely honest, most of …

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Chanukah Bush or Christmas Tree?

Growing up as a young child, neither of my parents were very religious, yet neither seemed to want to give in to the other. As a first-generation American, my father was a cultural Jew and my mother grew up in the church of England; so while both had religious customs, neither practiced their religion regularly. Still, when it came to …

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Pesach Sponge Cake Recipe

One can’t help but think of family traditions and favorite recipes over the holidays. After my parents got divorced when I was seven, I didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate the Jewish holidays with my dad’s side of the family as much anymore. However, one thing I never forgot was my Aunt Ellen’s Sponge Cake! I don’t know if I …

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The Power of Your Testimony

After I truly came to know Christ in my twenties, I still had lots of questions, especially when it came to processing the Old Testament. Because of my Jewish background, my mentor thought it would behoove me to just go ahead and take an OT survey class. So I promptly signed up for a distance learning course through Moody Bible …

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