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An Unorthodox Easter Story : Tommy Nelson March Blog


Today you can find me over at the Tommy Nelson blog with a bit of an Un-Orthodox Easter story.

Growing up, I really didn’t give religion much of a chance…let alone a relationship with Christ.

As an only child who grew up with parents of different religions (a Jewish father and an Anglican mother from England – neither of whom regularly practiced their faith, mind you…), you could say I was a bit confused.

Take it from someone who came to know Christ later in life, Easter represents a time when people are seeking to know more about Jesus…or at least are much more open to hearing about Him because of the way the world celebrates. This fact alone makes the road easier to invite others to listen to your Christ story.

And that’s all you need to share with people who ask: your storyRead the rest of my post over on TommyNelson.com

But before you jump over to the Tommy Nelson blog to read a little more about my un-Orthodox Easter story, why not enter to win one of my newest, favorite Tommy Nelson books: Sheila Walsh’s “Shine Your Light” devotional.


If you love Gigi, God’s Little Princess (which I just heard even Suri Cruise is a HUGE fan of…to the point that she’s asked people to start calling her Gigi!), then you will really fall in love with Gabby, God’s Little Angel.

One thing all kids can appreciate is the comfort of knowing angels watch over them, but Gabby makes being an angel even more relatable to the minds of our little ones. Plus, what little girl wouldn’t love this sparkly title?! (If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won, then you can save 20% off this title at ThomasNelson.com when you use code SAMI20).

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  1. My girls would love this! I have twin daughters.

  2. My kids probably wished they had an angel watching over them to help them remember what they need to do each day, including pray!

  3. My daughter would want an angel watching over her when she’s falling asleep in the dark.

  4. We are trying to teach them that angels are always watching over them.

  5. My children love angels watching over them at night – they share a room and occasionally wake each other up by their noises and it scares them a minute. But we pray through it in advance and remind them there are angels protecting them so they are safe!

  6. We try to impress upon her that angels are all around us looking after us!

  7. My 4 yr old is always asking us to pray for her that God’s angels will be with her during the night. Early this morning, she must have had a nightmare because she came running into my room, jumped on top of me, and asked me to pray that God’s angels would be with her.

  8. This would be such a sweet book for my little girls. The older one is afraid of the dark and needs her angle the most at bedtime! ;0)

  9. Stephanie Fidelak

    My daughters would love this!