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Walt Disney World Kids Travel Guide

I wish I had a Walt Disney World kids travel guide when my kids were small, so I wanted to share our Walt Disney travel tips with all of you as we leave today for the Disney Social Media Moms celebration! Walt Disney World Kids Travel Guide Disney Stroller Rental Renting strollers at Disney can get pricey. Currently, single strollers …

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Danimals Rally for Recess is not just child’s play

My kids go to a new, small, private school…and although we’re always looking for ways to raise money, the last thing we want to do is burden parents with another fundraiser. So when one of the moms came to us with the Danimals Rally for Recess campaign, we were all thrilled, and a little bit stunned. “You mean all we …

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Free Disney World Vacation: No Park Ticket Needed!

People are always coming to me and asking how to get a free Disney World vacation. After living in Florida for 9 years, we learned a thing or two about Disney vacations and now we love passing that information on to our friends! The best thing is that there are a lot of great FREE activities around the Walt Disney …

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Disney with Kids: Travel Guide

Granted, not everyone goes to Disney with their kids, but the majority of us do. So I only thought it fitting to provide you with a little travel guide for just that. Before I feed you with info, I want to share an insight I’ve gleaned from traveling to Disney over the years: For most families, traveling to Disney is …

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Disney without a Ticket

Of course we had to stop at Disney on our way from Nashville to South Florida, but we didn’t have any birthdays this time, so we couldn’t get a FREE ticket. So what were we to do? Well, I’ll tell you! There are a lot of great FREE activities around the Disney World Resort that make you feel like you’ve …

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