Walt Disney World Kids Travel Guide

by Sami

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I wish I had a Walt Disney World kids travel guide when my kids were small, so I wanted to share our Walt Disney travel tips with all of you as we leave today for the Disney Social Media Moms celebration!

Walt Disney World Kids Travel Guide

Disney Stroller Rental

Renting strollers at Disney can get pricey. Currently, single strollers are $15 per day with double strollers at $31 per day (there is a slight discount for multi-day rentals and you can go from park to park without paying extra). While they are easy to maneuver, there is nowhere to store bags or cups, which is a bummer. Also, if you need a stroller outside of the parks, this can become a problem. I recommend bringing your own or looking into a local Orlando stroller rental company that will deliver to your hotel.

Disney Babysitting

Yes, I know I just prefaced this post with the fact that most people travel to Disney with their kids, but that doesn’t mean mom and dad can’t enjoy a night out while at Disney World, does it? There are several different Disney babysitting options, ranging from in-room care to clubhouses for older kids. Clubhouses start at $11.50/hour for the first child and are only available at certain Disney Resorts. You can  contact Kids Nite Out for in-room babysitting prices.

Disney Rides for Little Ones

So you’re little one isn’t quite ready for Expedition Everest? (Don’t worry, my husband isn’t either!). Look at this list of Disney rides that are perfect for your Little Ones (and have FastPasses to boot! That means hardly any waiting in line!)

Disney Baby Care Centers

Looking for a place to change a diaper? Breast Feed? Buy those baby supplies you, I mean your spouse, left at home on accident? Just look for a Disney Baby Care Center in any of the parks. Here’s the full Baby Care Center list.

First Haircut

Did you know there’s a working Disney barber shop just inside the main gates of the Magic Kingdom? One of my favorite tips to share with families is to visit the Harmony Barber Shop for their child’s first haircut. For right around $15, kids not only get the authentic experience of a classic barbershop (and are usually coated in Mickey stickers!), but they also walk away with a special certificate commemorating the event, a lock of hair wrapped with Mickey confetti and a pair of Mickey ears with “First Haircut” stitched on the back! Even if your little one is too old for this, they can get their hair styled with some cool colors and Mickey confetti. A definite must!

Disney Playgrounds

One of my favorite Disney Freebies is all they playgrounds around Disney World Resort. What kid doesn’t love a playground? And when you mix it in with the different themed resorts, you can turn it into quite an adventure. Here is a list of all the different resorts with Disney Playgrounds.

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A few other kids travel guide tips I’ve learned over the years:
For most families, traveling to Disney is a luxury that they have worked hard to achieve and have had to save lots of money in order to make it a reality. (Now here’s the tip). Most kids cannot grasp this fact. To them, Disney is the ultimate dream that they always knew they’d achieve. And while it’s fun, it can take the terms “excitement” & “exhaustion” to a new level!

So inevitably, you’ll find kids screaming and crying with parents hovering over them stressing out and yelling at them that they’re not allowed to cry at Disney.
Your kids don’t know that the average price of one of those twirly, spinning light things costs more than many of us make per hour.
Your kids don’t realize you’ve worked hours of overtime just to make this trip possible.
Your kids don’t understand that eating with Mickey Mouse costs more than you may spend on groceries in one week.

Don’t act like they should.

Instead, have a schedule so everyone knows what to expect, but at the same time, be flexible enough so that you can adapt when things don’t go exactly according to plan:
If it starts raining, don’t crowd under an awning for an hour: make a mad dash back to your hotel and take a nap.
If their favorite ride they absolutely must go on has a 60 minute wait, grab a fast pass and jump on the carousel instead.
If your bus doesn’t show up exactly when you thought it would, lead the line of fellow guests in a rousing rendition of “Be Our Guest”!

Most importantly, have fun & take lots of pictures!

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What are your favorite kids travel guide tips and tricks that you would like to share when traveling to Disney with your little ones?

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Venus April 27, 2012 - 4:36 am

Never heard about the Disney barber shop. That is so cool!

sami April 27, 2012 - 9:27 am

It’s a definite must! We even had two ‘first’ haircuts 😉

Jade April 27, 2012 - 4:27 am

I loved the baby center– so so useful. Thanks for sharing your tips.

sami April 27, 2012 - 9:28 am

My pleasure Jade! Love getting to pass on my experiences. Do you have any advice to add?

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