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My Nose Works

My son has a very sensitive nose. We used to worry. Now we just laugh. He can sniff anything out…literally. In fact, his sense of smell is so strong that if you put something in front of him that he doesn’t like the smell of (think dinner plate at the dining room table where all are peacefully gathered), he will …

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Happy Anniversary to my Prince!

I couldn’t let today pass without wishing a Happy 6th Anniverary to my best friend, biggest supporter, partner in life, the father of my children, my prince, all I’ve ever dreamed of and everything I could never have known to hope for – my husband, Ricky! I am so blessed to be on this journey of life with you. Every …

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Happy Anniversary!

I wanted to publicly brag on my handsome and talented husband by wishing him a Happy Anniversary today! I went into a further detail on our family blog, The Cone Home, but I’ll let this public display of adoration suffice for this forum 🙂 My fabulous friend, Carolyn, took this amazing picture on our recent trip to Disney World for …

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It's All About the Coffee

For weeks I’ve been asking the kids what they think daddy would like for his birthday and Kariss always answers the same thing, “Coffee” Can’t argue with the kid. However, I thought Ricky might desire something around than the thing he is surrounded by most of every day. So when Ricky came home today, Kariss immediately approached him and said, …

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Happy Birthday, Ricky!

One thing that I’ve learned about my husband is that I can tell how people know him by what they call him… *If they’ve met him through Starbucks, they know him as Richard (there was already a Rick and a Ricky when he first started there 6 years ago, so he’s been Richard ever since!) *If people met him in college …

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