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My Nose Works

My son has a very sensitive nose.

We used to worry. Now we just laugh.

He can sniff anything out…literally. In fact, his sense of smell is so strong that if you put something in front of him that he doesn’t like the smell of (think dinner plate at the dining room table where all are peacefully gathered), he will throw up in an instant.

So as we came home from church tonight, we realized that if we were hungry, so were our children. My husband thought it would be sweet to pop popcorn and let the kids snack on it while we read them books before bed.

Shortly after he appeared in their room as I was finishing the pre-bedtime process and announced, “I have a surprise!”

Britton looked at him, looked towards the hallway, looked back at him, paused a moment and then screamed, “It’s popcorn!”

I immediately started snickering under my breath. Did we really raise this bloodhound?

While I could not control my giggles, Ricky asked him, “How do you know?”

“Because my nose works!” Case closed.