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A True Value: Spinbrush $25 Giveaway

It’s hard to find a true value these days. In a world of extreme couponing and freebie frenzy, many people would rather sacrifice quality for value. But what does value really mean? When you consider that what you can get for free doesn’t always stand the test of time, it makes you reconsider what is or is not a true …

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Brushing Time = Learning Time {Giveaway}

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush ProClean & kids Spinbrush is that it takes the guess work out of brushing your teeth. I know it’s getting to places I otherwise couldn’t as long as I move it around my entire mouth. Even though it seems to get the job done faster, I want to …

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Dryer 101: An Essential Savings Guide

It’s amazing how people will spend months researching what washer & dryer to purchase for their home so that they get the best savings, but actually spend very little (if any) time studying how to effectively use your dryer on a daily basis. That’s why I wanted give you my Dryer 101, an essential savings guide when it comes to …

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