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Week 12 weigh in at Blue Sky MD

It’s hard to believe yesterday marked my week 12 weigh in at Blue Sky MD… well, technically my 12 week weigh-in should have been this past Friday, but I forgot the kids had the day off of school for Spring Break, so I had to postpone it a little bit (family does come first, after all!) It actually came at …

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Week 10 weigh in at Blue Sky MD

My week 10 weigh in at Blue Sky MD didn’t go exactly as I had hoped on Friday… I said I would never get back into the 160’s, but: It’s been a busy month of travel (NYC, Atlanta, Pigeon Forge), so I should be thankful there wasn’t a bigger gain, but I’d like to think I’d keep going down instead …

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The Secret to Blue Sky MD


Do you want to know the secret to Blue Sky MD? …… There is none! In fact just this weekend, a colleague was asking me about my experience with Blue Sky MD. After I briefly explained the program to him, he looked at me quizzically. As someone who is into health and fitness himself, he simply replied “There’s no secret to …

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More cheese please? Life transformation Day 4


It’s day 4 of my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD and while I’m encouraged by my results thus far, I have to admit, I started getting a little bored with my food choices today. To jump-start my weight loss and achieve Ketosis this week, I am eating a very high protein and low carb diet that is supposed …

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Savings Tip: Count Bagged Produce


I have a new savings tip for you today: count bagged produce. Whenever you find produce pre-bagged and sold by weight, chances are you’re going to find some discrepancy in quantity inside of that bag. This is typically true of items like apples, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit and potatoes. What you’ll want to do is count how many are in …

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New Year, New Me: Health in 2012


This is my pledge: New Year, New Me. I will find health in 2012. If you’ve been following my health journey at all this past year, you already know that I ‘lost’ most of my summer due to the stress and cost of running around to a number of different doctors and health practitioners after a misdiagnosis of thyroid lymphoma. …

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