More cheese please? Life transformation Day 4

by Sami

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It’s day 4 of my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD and while I’m encouraged by my results thus far, I have to admit, I started getting a little bored with my food choices today.

To jump-start my weight loss and achieve Ketosis this week, I am eating a very high protein and low carb diet that is supposed to fall somewhere between 500 and 800 cal per day. (remember, I selected to be on the aggressive plan).

And don’t let the term Ketosis scare you; I know it can be negative for people that have diabetes and such, but I found this article from Medical News Today to help explain what it is and why achieving it can help with weight loss:

Ketosis is a condition in which levels of ketones (ketone bodies) in the blood are elevated. Ketones are formed when glycogen stores in the liver have run out. The ketones are used for energy. Ketones are small carbon fragments that are the fuel created by the breakdown of fat stores.

However, when the body is in ketosis the individual tends to feel less hungry, and will probably eat less than he/she might otherwise do. The body switches from being a carbohydrate-burning organism into a fat-burning one. The fat stores become a primary energy source, and the person loses weight. That is why low-carb diets have become popular, and effective, especially among obese people.

The article goes on to further explain Ketosis for weight loss:

as explained above, if the body can switch from being a carb-burning machine to a fat-burning one, the person loses weight. We store our fat, sometimes in undesirable places, such as our hips, buttocks, tops of thighs and our tummy. Carbohydrates cannot be stored like fat can. If our body is in carb-burning mode, we eat when carb (carbohydrate) levels go down, in order to get our energy. To achieve ketosis, the body must be on a high fat/protein and low carbohydrate diet.

So while I was initially thrilled with the Babybel light cheese and light string cheese from Trader Joe’s I already had on hand or my kids, I found myself getting a little bored today. (and believe me, it’s not easy for me to get bored with cheese!)

I’ve also been eating a variety of lean meats and garlic (I can’t live without garlic), but as I was describing my food intake to my friend at the YMCA this morning, I started questioning myself. So as soon as I got home, I made a call to Amanda and the nursing team at Blue Sky MD.

They once again talked me through the process of Ketosis and why it’s used in the first week of weight loss. I was also reassured that my veggies would start to return next week 🙂 I was also reminded that there are a variety of plans to choose from and that if I wanted to alter my plan at any time, I could.

But after I tried another pair of pants on that I haven’t been able to wear in a year and they slid on just as easily as my pink cords did yesterday, I’m going to stick with the game plan. I think I’m just going to keep trying on a different pair of pants each day to keep the motivation going!

While I do still wish I could reach out and grab one of those Candy Cane Hershey Kisses leftover from Christmas sitting in the lovely bowl next to me, I’ve learned FAR too much thus far to jeopardize this journey. So bring on day 5 baby!

How about you – how have you all been doing with your own eating?

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