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A New Way to Travel with LEGO®: the LEGO® YouTube Channel!

If you’re the parent of an elementary aged child, there are four letters that, when built together (literally), I’m positive are very common in your house: LEGO®! I remember thinking just a few years ago, “What’s the fascination with LEGO®? Why are parents spending so much money on little plastic bricks?” Then my son turned 5… To be honest, there’s something …

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Call Me Maybe Swim Team & Hotel Transylvania Parody Videos!

Have you see the “Call Me Maybe” parody videos on You Tube yet? If you missed the USA Olympic Swim Team version, than obviously you haven’t been paying that close of attention to the Summer Games in London 😉 Obviously, these athletes have talents far beyond the pool: I love that not only are these athletes extremely dedicated to their …

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I pray a lot about walking in God’s will.  I pray and ask for him to reveal his calling on my life.  Sometimes, I believe I may be too legalistic about even that.  It’s not always about where we are, but what are we doing where he has put us.  Our primary purpose is to proclaim his name and make …

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