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Call Me Maybe Swim Team & Hotel Transylvania Parody Videos!

Have you see the “Call Me Maybe” parody videos on You Tube yet? If you missed the USA Olympic Swim Team version, than obviously you haven’t been paying that close of attention to the Summer Games in London 😉

Obviously, these athletes have talents far beyond the pool:

I love that not only are these athletes extremely dedicated to their craft, but obviously know how to have fun and bond in other ways as a team besides just winning gold medals.

One “Call Me Maybe” video parody you perhaps haven’t seen yet is from the upcoming movie, “Hotel Transylvania”. I really don’t know much about it (other than there’s a funny bit in the commercial that cracks me up every time), and I haven’t decided if I’m going to let the kids see it or not yet, but since I was showing parody videos from YouTube, I couldn’t help but include this one too (if for nothing else, than for the bit with bacon about halfway through 😉

Since we’re talking YouTube videos playing homage to popular songs, indulge me if you will. I still love this one I captured in our mini-van a couple years ago of my kids singing “Little White Church” by Little Big Town:

Do you have a favorite YouTube video going around?