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The Daily Dash: August 20, 2015 {Future Musician?}

In today’s Daily Dash video, August 20 2015, after just a week of school, I’ve already gotten a cello serenade from a girl who’s never picked up a string instrument in her life…

The Daily Dash: August 20, 2015 {Future Musician?}

* 3 Firefighters killed fighting wildfires out West
* Former NFL player injured in suicide attempt
* Bush and Trump trade blows


* Obviously, a lot of unpacking is still going on at our house, but it’s what’s happening with our kids in the in between times that’s truly amazed me. Check out what I shared on Instagram this morning:
“At the first #PTO meeting, we were asked to say just one word that came to mind when thinking about (my daughter’s new) school. Mine was OPPORTUNITY.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that after the first week of school, I would be getting a private patio cello concert from a girl that’s never had formal music lessons or picked up a string instrument.  Going to a new school is never easy, but when you have teachers willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your kids thrive, you count yourself blessed as a parent.”
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The Daily Dash: August 20, 2015 {Future Musician?}

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