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The Daily Dash: July 5, 2017 {New Mom Dies Hours After Giving Birth} #TeamJohnson

You want to look inside my TV kitchen today…

The Daily Dash: July 5, 2017 {New Mom Dies Hours After Giving Birth} #TeamJohnson

* NYPD Policewoman ambushed, attacked & killed
* Crash in Tour de France, Wimbledon started this week & Federer hits 10,000th ace!
* US & North Korea missile stand off
* Trump travels to Europe for G20 Summit
* Chicago high schools to require post graduation plan

The true test of our spiritual life is in exhibiting the power to descend from the mountain ~ Oswald Chambers

I hadn’t intended to take the beginning of this week off, but truth be told, it’s always nice to get out of routine a bit and go with the flow with my family. We had an impromptu grill out at our house with some friends from church last night and then went back to their house to watch some fireworks. I hope each of you had a safe and fun 4th as well.

Today is back to work, but at least it’s a short work week! It’s a rainy morning here in Nashville, so tennis and swim team have been cancelled for the kids. While getting off routine can be fun, it’s also important to keep your house in order and maintain healthy habits, so we’ll be looking to do that as well.

One last thing: I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a lot of friends with loved ones in the hospital, others battling illnesses themselves and still another acquaintance who just went through the unthinkable. If you could take a moment today to pray for, donate or even simply share the Johnson’s story, I’d be ever so appreciative: https://babywise.life/blogs/momtalk/musicians-wife-dies-hours-after-giving-birth

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The Daily Dash: July 5, 2017 {New Mom Dies Hours After Giving Birth} #TeamJohnson

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Hope you make it a great day!