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The Daily Dash: March 26 2015 {Robert Irvine Live @TPAC}

In today’s Daily Dash video, March 26 2015, still a little stressed about all there is to do in the coming week, but excited for a much-anticipated entertainment break tonight…

The Daily Dash: March 26 2015 {Robert Irvine Live @TPAC}

* Co-Pilot intentionally crashes plane into French Alps
* Tornados rip through Oklahoma, killing one
* Army charged Bowe Bergdahl with desertion

Loving: We get to see Robert Irvine LIVE tonight at TPAC! Yes, Chef Robert Irvine from food network and restaurant impossible will be here in Nashville at TPAC tonight. They’ve promised food, physical challenges and of course, fun! Our entire family is excited about this one and you can still get your tickets for tonight too!

Learning: I took my first shower without shampoo or conditioner! I used a baking soda wash for ‘shampoo’ and an apple cider vinegar/essential oil rinse for ‘conditioner’. I really wasn’t so sure of how it would go, but my hair is so soft and shiny today…I think I’m going to stick with it.

Doing: I’m back at Lipscomb University teaching today and then heading to TPAC tonight for Robert Irvine and getting back in touch with my British roots 🙂

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The Daily Dash March 26 2015 {Robert Irvine Live @TPAC}

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