The Daily Dash: May 20 2014 {Blogger or Independent Contractor?}

by Sami

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Today’s episode of The Daily Dash: May 20 2014 talks about my busy day as a blogger, but the truth about how some of the ‘jobs’ you know me best for aren’t actually what pay the bills…

The Daily Dash: May 20, 2014 {Blogger or Independent Contractor?}

In the news:
*Pistorious murder trial takes odd turn in South Africa
*Super Tuesday primary elections across the country (American Idol Aiken turned politician?)

On the home front:
*Going to record savings segments at the Radio station
*Then on to meetings at Thomas Nelson
*I also talk about what it really means to be a blogger and how we make money… (or at least how I do and don’t…)

Hope you make it a great day!

The Daily Dash May 20 2014


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