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The Daily Dash: November 18 2015 {Book Launch Team #UncommonKids}

In today’s Daily Dash video, November 18 2015, I got to announce something exciting that YOU can be a part of…

The Daily Dash: November 18 2015 {Book Launch Team #UncommonKids}

* It was a bomb that took down Russian plane
* 20 Tornadoes in 4 states; strong winds also kill 3 in DC
* Police Raid near Paris goes on for 90 minutes
* David Beckham named People’s sexiest man alive

* I can’t believe I get to actually ask this question finally, but it’s true: will you join my book launch team?

The message of Uncommon Kids can’t be shared to its fullest without YOUR help and so if you have a passion for helping kids and have a platform to shout from, please go to this link to apply for our team: http://bit.lu/RUKTeam

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The Daily Dash: November 18, 2015 {Book Launch Team #UncommonKids}

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